How many hours do you need to be an esthetician in Tennessee?

How do I become a licensed esthetician in Tennessee?

Obtaining Your Esthetician License in Tennessee

  1. Complete 750 hours of training at a formal institute.
  2. Pass a written and practical exam administered by Tennessee State Board of Cosmetology and Barber Examiners.
  3. Submit a formal application, testing fees, and proof of educational hours.

How much schooling do you need to be an esthetician?

Schooling requirements

Esthetician schooling will require between $5,000 and $20,000 in tuition as you complete between 4-12 months of training. Depending on your state’s requirements, you’ll complete between 260 and 1500 hours of education.

Do estheticians make good money?

Estheticians and Skincare Specialists made a median salary of $34,090 in 2019. The best-paid 25 percent made $46,770 that year, while the lowest-paid 25 percent made $25,220.

How much does esthetician school cost in Tennessee?


Information Detail
Class Type Day, Night
Credentials Certificate
Total Tuition/Fees $4,834.00
Textbook/Supplies Cost $1,101.00

How much does it cost to become an esthetician in Tennessee?

Application and Fees

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The fee for an initial application is $60. License renewals can be done here. The Aesthetician renewal fee is $60.00, as set forth in Rule 0440-1-. 13(3) of the Tennessee Rules of Cosmetology.

Is it hard to get a job as an esthetician?

It can be difficult to gain employment right out of school. Many places require experience, which could hinder your chances of landing your dream job. It can take years to build up a solid and steady clientele list. Chemistry and comfortableness between you and your clients is a time consuming task that may take years.

Is being an Aesthetician worth it?

While being an esthetician can be an emotionally rewarding profession, it also has its cons, and you need to know them early before pursuing this career. … If making people feel and look better is one of your life goals, this career can be a good start for you!

Can estheticians make a living?

As an entrepreneur, esthetician’s income is not capped at a specific number. According to Bureau of Labor Statistics, a national average yearly salary of a skincare specialist is $30,000. The income ranges from around $18,000 per year for a starting salary to $60,000 per year for top 10%.

Who makes more money esthetician or cosmetologist?

A career in aesthetics could net you more money. The Bureau of Labor Statistics reports that in May 2019 skincare specials earned a median hourly wage of ​$16.39​ compared to a median hourly wage of ​$12.54​ for cosmetologists, BLS notes.

Can estheticians make six figures?

You can easily earn six figures without the physical demand on your body. Offering the body microcurrent modality in your esthetician practice is a fast way to increase revenue, while helping clients get what they want.

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How much do aestheticians make in Tennessee?

Salary Ranges for Estheticians in Nashville, TN

The salaries of Estheticians in Nashville, TN range from $14,859 to $100,000 , with a median salary of $36,187 . The middle 57% of Estheticians makes between $36,219 and $56,667, with the top 86% making $100,000.

Can estheticians work from home in Tennessee?

Nashville, Tenn., April 25, 2018—Late yesterday afternoon, the Tennessee General Assembly completed the final step in passing a bill to allow in-home beauty services across Tennessee.

How do I become a certified esthetician?

In order to become a licensed esthetician, you’ll have to:

  1. Complete an esthetician training program or complete an apprenticeship (allowed in some states).
  2. Submit proof of training/apprenticeship hours to your state board.
  3. Take and pass all required exams.
  4. Pay a license fee.