Are Mole maps worth it?

Do you get naked for a mole map?

So, what happens on your first visit? At your first appointment, a baseline photographic record of your skin is created, wearing only your underwear. After that, they individually map each mole or lesion of concern, using a special camera.

When should you do mole mapping?

People who are at increased risk of melanoma should consider having their moles mapped. This includes anyone with: Large number of moles (more than 50) Moles that are large, or have an unusual colour or shape.

How much does a full body mole map cost?

A Full Body MoleMap costs $399 – this is our most comprehensive service (includes skin-mapping over time) and is recommended for first-time patients and anyone considered medium to high risk.

How long does a full body mole map take?

A Full Body MoleMap takes up to an hour as it’s our most comprehensive service. A MoleMap Skin Check usually takes around 30 minutes, and you can expect a Full Body Follow-up to take around 45 minutes.

Who needs mole mapping?

Mole mapping may be recommended for people who have a higher risk of melanoma, including those with:

  • A mole that is larger than a nickel.
  • An atypical mole called a dysplastic nevus, which may have an irregular shape or an uneven color.
  • More than 50 moles.
  • Fair skin and light-colored eyes.
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What happens during mole mapping?

Mole mapping, also known as Automated Total Body Mapping (ATBM), involves a specialized computer taking photos of your entire body and then combining these photos into a complete image of your body. This baseline image is then compared to your whole body photograph during your follow-up visit (usually the next year).

What is full body mole mapping?

Mole mapping is an advanced, high-resolution digital technology used to create a ‘map’ of the body from head to toe, which allows you to assess all moles, and to track any changes over time.

Can a doctor tell if a mole is cancerous just by looking at it?

Unfortunately, you can’t tell by looking at a mole whether it’s cancerous or what type it is. It could very well be a normal skin spot with an abnormal appearance. A dermatologist can’t always tell the difference either.

How often should I get a mole check?

For a healthy adult, most dermatologists would recommend a skin check every year. Remember, go without make-up on and without nail polish. If you are at an increased risk for getting melanoma, then you may be advised to have more than one skin exam every year.

What do they do during a mole check?

You’ll take off all of your clothes and put on a medical exam gown. Your doctor will ask if you have any moles that concern you. Then, they will then look at every inch of your body — from your face, chest, arms, back, and legs to less-visible places like your scalp, between your toes, and the soles of your feet.

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How long does a mole check take?

All in all, your skin exam should only take about 10-20 minutes depending on whether or not the doctor finds any suspicious-looking lesions.