What is the volume of 3 moles of methane CH4?

What is volume of ch4?

The volume of the gas will depend on the temperature and the pressure. If the methane gas is at STP, then 1 mole = 22.4 liters. Thus, at STP 3.62 moles of gas = 3.62 mol x 22.4 liters/mole = 81.1liters.

How do you calculate methane volume?

Since the problem states the conditions are at STP, you can simplify the process by using 1 mole = 22.4 L. There really is no need to use the ideal gas law when STP is present. Thus, 16.5 g methane x 1 mole/16 g = 1.03 moles methane. 1.03 moles x 22.4 liters/mole = 23.1 liters (to 3 significant figures).

What is the volume of methane at standard temperature and pressure?

At STP, Vm = 22,346 cm3/mol = VSTP. Volume ratio can be seen as an expansion factor describing the expected change in volume in bringing the methane from depth conditions to standard surface conditions.

How many moles are contained in 2.50 liters of methane gas?

therefore in 2.5 liters 0.11 mole is present.

How many moles of methane are present?

The molar mass of methane is 16.01 g/mol. So, the moles of the methane is 9.97 mol.

What is the volume of CH4 at NTP?

Answer: volume of CH₄ = 5.6 dm³.

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What is volume occupied by 16g of methane at STP?

We all know that CH4 i.e Methane has molecular mass of 16 grams and it occupies 22.4L at S.T.P.