Best answer: What is Jergens wet skin moisturizer?

How does wet skin moisturizer work?

Wet skin moisturizers are specially-formulated to work with moisture and humidity from your shower, sealing them onto your skin with a nourishing barrier. They don’t stop at sealing in moisture, either. Wet skin moisturizers are infused with nourishing oils and butters like coconut, shea, and restoring argan oils.

Can you use Jergens wet skin moisturizer on your face?

Can I use Jergens® Natural Glow® Wet Skin Moisturizer on my face? This product was designed for use on the body. If you are looking for gradual, natural-looking color for your face, we recommend Jergens® Natural Glow® FACE Daily Moisturizer Sunscreen, formulated to match facial skin tones.

How long does Jergens wet skin moisturizer last?

Jergens Natural Glow Wet Skin Moisturizer: Summary

Factor Jergens Natural Glow Wet Skin Moisturizer
Smell (Before) Smells good, fresh and perfumey.
Smell (After) The nice smell lasted until the morning.
Color Produced After 3 applications, I had a nice, medium tan.
How Long It Lasts My tan lasted about 4 days.

Should you apply moisturizer to wet skin?

Apply your moisturizer to clean, slightly damp skin.

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Moisturizers are most effective if you use them while your skin is still damp because damp skin absorbs the product more readily. That also gives the moisturizer the chance to lock in that hydration.

Should I put lotion on while skin is wet?

Apply moisturizer when your skin is damp.

The prime time for moisturizing your body is within five minutes of getting out of the shower, says Wexler. Pat yourself till you are lightly damp and then begin slathering moisturizer yourself like you are on the clock. Don’t stop for anything.

Is Jergens a good moisturizer?

Jergens Original Scent Dry Skin Moisturizer

“This moisturizer is my ride-or-die. I have a jumbo size (plus a backup!) in my bathroom and I’m never without my purse-size mini,” said Leah Wyar, SVP/GM for Byrdie. “It hydrates like crazy, but there’s an emotional tie, too.

Can you use Jergens natural glow wet skin moisturizer on dry skin?

Can I use JERGENS® Wet Skin Moisturizer on dry (i.e., not wet) skin? No. Because of its special breakthrough formula, JERGENS® Wet Skin Moisturizer must be used on wet skin to ensure optimal moisturization and soft skin feeling.

How long does Jergens natural glow wet skin take to develop?

JERGENS® Natural Glow® Daily Moisturizers work gradually with your skin chemistry to deliver unique results. Allow 3 to 10 days for the color to develop into a healthy, summer glow. Before exercising, swimming and showering, wait at least 4 hours for optimal product performance.

How long does Jergens take to dry?

EASY, FAST-DRYING APPLICATION – Applied by hand or sunless tanning mitt, our self tanning mousse is tinted for precise application, and it dries in just 60 seconds.

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Is Jergens wet skin safe?

EWG scientists reviewed the Jergens Natural Glow Wet Skin Moisturizer, Fair To Medium product label collected on April 17, 2019 for safety according to the methodology outlined in our Skin Deep Cosmetics Database.