Question: Is Nivea Soft moisturizer good for oily skin?

Is NIVEA Soft cream Oil Free?

NIVEA Creme is a water-in-oil emulsion. … In contrast, NIVEA Soft is an oil-in-water emulsion: Small oil droplets are embedded in water. Therefore first the outer water phase of NIVEA Soft absorbs quickly into the skin, making the skin feel refreshingly moist. Then fine oil droplets care for the skin.

Is NIVEA Soft moisturizer good for acne prone skin?

NIVEA provides a range of non-comedogenic products that are skin compatibility and dermatologically approved. These products are formulated to contain ingredients that will not block or clog pores. By not blocking pores, these products can help with the treating and protecting of blemish and acne prone skin.

Is NIVEA Soft moisturizer good for face?

This moisturiser is formulated with vitamin E and jojoba oil. It claims to be highly effective, revitalising, light and fast-absorbing, leaving the skin soft and supple all day long. … It’s suitable for everyday use and all skin types. It can also be used on the face and hands.

Does Nivea Soft lighten skin?

8. IS NIVEA PROMOTING SKIN LIGHTENING? No. We develop our products in view of helping consumers to maintain their skin’s health and beauty.

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Is Nivea Soft a moisturizer?

Nivea soft cream is the right moisturizer for you. The light texture, fast absorption and intensive moisturization makes it suitable for all season.

Does Nivea clear pimples?

Nivea are sometimes contained in products that also treat acne, chapped lips, diaper rash, cold sores, or other minor skin irritation.

Which moisturizer is best for acne prone skin?

Best Moisturisers For Acne Prone Skin

  • Natio Acne Clear Day Daily Repair Oil Free Moisturiser. …
  • Clean & Clear Dual Action Moisturizer. …
  • Cetaphil Moisturizing Lotion. …
  • Origins Zero Oil Moisture With Saw Palmetto And Mint. …
  • The Body Shop Vitamin E Aqua Boost Essence Lotion. …
  • Aveeno Clear Complexion Daily Moisturiser.

Can we use Nivea Soft Light Moisturiser on face at night?

Usage: This is a combined moisturizer for face, hands and body. It can spread smoothly over large areas providing a refreshing feel. The cream can be applied during the day as well as night. What makes NIVEA Soft so good?

Does Nivea Soft cream remove dark spots?

A breakthrough skin care specifically developed for men’s skin. It contains UV filters and licorice extract that reduce dark spots. It is extra light, non-greasy and fast absorbing. HOW IT WORKS It reduces dark spots.